green bookkeepingSunny Books offers small business and nonprofit bookkeeping services throughout the United States. We can take care of all of your accounting department needs, train your staff, or provide oversight on accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, tax prep, payroll, cashflow, workflow. We can help you go virtual so that you can take advantage of hiring the best employees no matter where they live. For non-profits, we can meet with your board or finance committee and  oversee your annual audits. We can provide strategic support and fill-in when you are in between hires.

We have experience working with social entrepreneurs, sustainable businesses, B corps, small businesses, solopreneurs, start-ups, and non-profits.

Outsourcing your bill pay, invoicing, and bookkeeping services can make financial sense in many circumstances! Our effeciencies and experience counteract our higher rates and our know-how can deliver a greater sense of ease.

Are you asking yourself:
Isn’t there an easier way to get my accounts in order? I spend way too much time on…
Why don’t I have the financial information on my business that I need?
Why can’t I find a knowledgeable consultant to help me grow/diversify/clean up my Ops?
Why can’t I find a knowledgeable consultant to bring my business into the 21st Century?

We can do all of this for you efficiently and effectively. Our services include:

  1. Profitable Business Development and Growth
    • Support yourself and your financial decisions by hiring us as your outside CFO. We can review your file monthly, prepare cashflow statements, discuss how your business is doing financially, and be available for talking through business decisions.
    • Issue finance reports. Do you need to report to a board? Let us issue the reports that they request.
    • We can create a budget or projections for your business the lean, mean, direct way.
  2. Accounting Management 
    • Let us walk you through the process of running an accounting department
    • We can write procedures and checklists to get you and your staff staying on track easily and efficiently.
    • We can bring our expertise in the following arenas:
      • Nonprofit Bookkeeping, including government grant reporting
      • Lean Accounting
      • paperless office solutions for B Corps and green businesses
      • Payroll set up and reporting, multiple states
      • Reporting and compliance for non-profits
      • Sales tax reports, 1099’s, TIPS reports, other compliance reports
  3. Monthly Bookkeeping
    • Set up: Get your books set up correctly. We’ll help you set up or reconcile your accounting software and convert data between software programs.
    • Training: Learn how to run your finances. We’ll train you to use the appropriate accounting software.
    • Clean Up: Have you inherited a mess or had someone on the job who “sort-of” knew Bookkeeping? Let us help you.
    • Outsource: Have us host your books file and do the reconciliations and reporting.
      • Bank reconciliations
      • End-of-period journal entries and Chart of Accounts review
      • Payroll calculations
      • Preparation and review of financial statements
      • Customizable reports (examples include retail store locations and grant reporting)
      • Check writing, including outside add-ons like
      • Accounts receivable
      • Sales tax returns
      • Benefits administration
      • Business Property Statements
      • Issuing non-profit reports, including grant reports
      • Audit preparation and audit management for non-profits
  4. Systems Streamline or Set Up (including virtual and paperless systems)
    • Do your systems seem like more trouble than they’re worth? We’ll redesign it for you.
    • Do you need help in deciding whether to use Quicken, QuickBooks, QBO, FreshBooks, Xero, or Simply? We’ll walk you through the decision process
    • Have us do the dirty work for you—we’ll host your QuickBooks file, do the data entry and reconciling, and email you your financial statements and a copy of your QuickBooks file monthly.
    • Have us review your employees (or your) work: Set up a quarterly review meeting with us and we can share our best bookkeeping practices
  5. New! Offering Coaching! Let us coach you or your team members in running the accounting department, setting up practical weekly dashboards, or other skills that you want to focus on.
  6. New! Offering Visual Transcription! If you want all your stakeholders to be on the same page, graphic facilitation can be a wonderful tool for getting ideas across–especially when it comes to the numbers.
  7. New! Offering Embodied Decision-Making! This is a fun new field and my training includes Resonance Repatterning and embodied movement practices to help facitilate clear decision-making for teams and individuals.
  8. Managing Business Decisions: Operating Capital, Budgets, and Forecasting
    • Setting your margin
    • Setting your billing rate
    • Understanding fully loaded labor costs
    • Projections
    • Benefit cost analysis
    • Manage cashflow
    • Other financial or systems processes tops of your choice